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Single Toe Separator 4000pcs/bx

Single Toe Separator 4000pcs/bx

SpaGeek Single Toe Separators are a simple yet beneficial product for nail techs or anyone who paints their own nails. Place these soft, flexible separators on toes that curve or overlap to straighten them before applying polish, allowing you to paint each toenail with ease. Separators are comfortable and sturdy enough to hold toes straight for an extended period, keeping your color perfect and eliminating risk of smudges from crooked toes while waiting for polish to dry. Single Toe Separators come evenly distributed into 4 colors: pink, orange, green, and yellow.

Features of SpaGeek-Single Toe Separator:

  • Get perfectly painted nails. Single Toe Separators straighten crooked toes during a pedicure to allow perfect application of polish on each nail. No more smudges from toes that overlap.
  • Convenient and resourceful. Individual separators let you place one only on the toes that require straightening, so you only use up what you need. Individual separators are also smaller and easier to store.
  • Sturdy. Flexible for comfort yet sturdy enough to separate toes and hold firmly in place.
  • Hygienic. Disposable product to keep your salon sanitary—use once and toss, or send home with customer.
  • Comfortable. Soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Enjoyable. Four different colors to add a little extra fun!
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